Discover the New Practical Solutions to Workforce Performance & Productivity That Proactive HR Leaders Are Taking to Revitalize Their Oil & Gas Firms

Among the 2020 Expert Speaker Faculty




Andrew Slentz

Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources

Hess Corporation

Sonya Reed

Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Communications


Tamara Bray

Chief Human Resources Officer

DCP Midstream

Tracy Josefovsky

Vice President of Human Resources


Wayne Finger

President, People & Organization


LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is returning digitally to unite the community of oil and energy HR leaders for three virtual days of practical strategic dialogue like no other.

This is your team’s best opportunity to find out how to transform HR’s strategic impact on performance on and off the rigs following major industry disruption. Discover how to retain your most critical talent, re-vitalize your workforce culture & engagement, and strengthen your learning & development capabilities to re-boot your oil & gas firm for higher performance and productivity. Among the LEAPs shared in 2020:


How Phillips66’s HR team has enabled business transformation by evolving culture, shaping behaviours, and redesigning rewards for over 14,000 employees


How Valero has developed HR competencies in data analytics & critical thinking for strengthened decision making & enhanced relationships with an increasingly technical oil & gas workforce


How Atlas Sand future-proofed its training strategies to boost engagement and enable robust knowledge transfer at a time of mass generational change


How Weir Oil & Gas has transformed its employer value proposition through customized career development, revamped field workforce L&D strategies, and individualized graduate development programs

"The best investment in time I have made in the last two years. We have accelerated the thinking and development of our work by several months and the value is in the tens of thousands. I can’t recommend LEAP HR: Oil & Gas enough."

"It felt as if for the first time we were discussing openly issues which had been difficult to talk about previously, but because of the format of LEAP HR: Oil & Gas, it suddenly became easier. We moved from ‘mission impossible’ to ‘mission possible’."


LEAP HR: Oil & Gas was the most refreshing and inspirational event ever.
My team returned to the office with new ideas and feeling energized to be
part of a wider community and ready-made support network of HR Oil &
Gas leaders. All of this will have a huge positive impact on our business.”
Eni Petroleum