10:00 am Login & Network in the Platform

10:20 am Introduction from the LEAP HR Team: What it Takes to Make a Leap a Reality

10:25 am Chair’s Welcome, Opening Remarks & Connection Before Content

Rewrite the Role of Strategic HR in the Global Energy Transition

10:30 am Opening Panel: Redefining the Role of Strategic HR in the Global Energy Transition

11:10 am Speed Networking Break

Re-Align HR to Thrive Amidst Competition & Satisfy Consumer Demand

11:40 am Discover: Transforming HR Systems & Infrastructure to Enable Consumer- Centric Decision Making in a Rapidly Scaling Renewables Firm

12:00 pm Discover: Driving an Agile People & Communications Strategy That Will Enable Your Renewables Firm to Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace

12:20 pm Develop: What Are the Most Critical Aspects of a Competitive HR Leadership Strategy in Energy?

12:40 pm Networking Break

Champion Next-Level Talent Acquisition Strategies to Conquer New Roles & Markets

1:20 pm Discover: Driving a Total Talent Acquisition Transformation to Foster New Heights of Success in Hiring & Retaining a First-Class Energy Workforce

1:40 pm Discover: Rethinking How to Attract & Engage Qualified Talent in the Era of the Energy Transition

  • Andrew Slentz Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, Hess Corporation

2:00 pm Discover: Crafting a Responsible Employer Brand to Attract & Engage New Generations of Skilled Talent in Renewables

2:20 pm Develop: What More Can We Learn from the Energy HR Leaders Disrupting Their Firms Through Future-Ready Talent Strategies?

Networking Roundtables

2:40 pm Action: What New Ways of Thinking Can You Now Implement in Talent Acquisition, Strategic HR, & Culture to Secure Your Firm’s Place as a Competitive Business in the Energy Transition?

3:20 pm Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One